Sunday, September 27, 2020

Samantha and Hank

As a photographer...this is one of the weddings you wait for. You always want to do your best for each and every client - but there are those clients you want to completely exceed all expectations. Samantha has been one of my most loyal clients - referring me to friends and family ever since I started doing photography. And all of it, without ever taking pictures for her directly. loyalty. Sam and Hank are some of the most genuine people you'll ever meet...and you know it the instant you meet them. And their chemistry is easy to see too...have a look at this sneak peek!

 Had a great time! Best wishes for you both!

Sunday, September 6, 2020

Rachel and Austin (and Buddy!)

Those who know me well understand how much I enjoy being around'd be hard pressed to find me not constantly following the dog around looking to scritch his back or play with his ears and tell'm what a good boy (or girl) they are. So, naturally I was excited that Rachel and Austin were bringing along their dog - Buddy, for their session yesterday. And while I'm tempted to share just the photos of that good boy, Rachel and Ryan err...Austin (I for some reason kept calling Austin the wrong name most of the time) were fantastic and made the evening go so very easy. Here's a sneak peek of their session...