Sunday, July 27, 2014

Matt and Lee

Matt and Lee were married on a wet and rainy weekend in July, and while the dampness didn't allow us to take advantage of our go-to photo locations...everyone did great adjusting to whatever (and whenever) the weather threw at us. And a little rain wasn't going to stop the party that night...a rockin reception, which included crowd surfing for the groom! Have a look!

And in case you're, they didn't drop him.

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Surprise! No really...Surprise!

Ah...the old double surprise. You know...the one where you think you're helping plan your boyfriend's surprise birthday party, but really...he's been planning a surprise engagement party the entire time. Oh, you're not?'s how it goes down...

Just an normal surprise party here...people gathered, ballons, gifts...

DJ Jack Damico keeps everyone entertained as we wait for the "surprise" entrance...

Jason and Sarah are almost here! Now, at this point only a few know that this isn't exactly a surprise birthday party...and Sarah thinks she's pulled one over on Jason!

Jason completely sells reason to be suspicious of anything other than a birthday party...right?

Until...quickly into his "Thanks for coming" speech...Jason reveals the real reason everyone is gathered, to celebrate something even more exciting!

And like that...we go from birthday engagement party!

I even got the chance to sneak the two away for a quick ring shot!

Congratulations Jason and Sarah!

Saturday, July 12, 2014

Seth and Selina

So here are Seth and Selina again...last time you saw them was their engagement session, and by association...Selina's brother Michael with his senior shoot. This was a fantastic day capped off with a great party celebrating the love Seth and Selina share. Just a small sneak peek of the day...

Special thank you to my wife, who not only helped with organizing photo groups...but also did some second shooting, covering places that would have been impossible to do on my own. Leigh Anne, your help was invaluable and appreciated! Hopefully a clean bathroom can cover a little of my gratitude...