Thursday, May 22, 2014

Miller Family - Sneak Peek

Spring has sprung here in Pittsburgh...which can only mean one thing...RAIN. Lots of it. Great for the flowers and trees, but not so much for photography. Unless you're planning for it. We, were not. Luckily, our rescheduled session didn't have any problems with rain...allowing us to play in Grammie's yard for our photos!

And a special thanks to Grammie not only for the hospitality...but helping keep an eye on my mini photographer who came along for the day. He was planning a return visit our entire ride home!

Monday, May 5, 2014

Jessica and Jonathon - Sneak Peek

So the last time I featured Jessica and Jon on my blog, I shared some photos from their engagement session. Turns out, for their wedding day...there were some similarities to that previous session.

To begin, it was unseasonably chilly. Perhaps a little warmer for their wedding day...but still colder than one would expect. Next, the Penguins were full swing into playoff hockey. We all will be hoping for a better end result this year from last year. But mostly, Jessica and Jon are a pure pleasure to spend the day with. Here's a few from a busy Saturday...